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Tips Selecting Right HVAC Home Summer

There are many different reasons you may be looking for a new air conditioning system. Your current system may be on its way out, or you may just need an upgrade. If you are looking into a new air conditioner, there are many facets to consider and it is important to do research to make sure you choose the right system. Home Rangers LLC in Bensalem, Pennsylvania is here to help with this guide of aspects to consider before you decide.

Stay Organized

If you want to make sure you stay organized, get a sheet of paper, your phone, or a computer and recreate this list. Then rate each system you look at by these factors. Then you can more easily compare a few different systems and select which one works best for you. You may also want to make notes as to why you rated each air conditioner as you did in case you need to reference them later.

Type of Air Conditioner

The first step is to determine what type of air conditioner you want. The main four types are central air, ductless, window unit, and portable systems. If your home is already equipped with air ducts, you may want to consider replacing your central air HVAC system. If you do not have ducts, you will want to consider the other three options.

As a note, you will need access to an outside wall if you want a ductless system or access to a window if you want a window unit.


One of the most important aspects for most Home Rangers LLC’s customers is cost. Before you start looking at units, you will want to consider creating a budget. Figure out how much you can afford for an initial payment as well as how much you can afford each month for energy bills.

If you want to save some money, try buying your new system during an off season. Air conditioners become in high demand during the summer which allows for prices to rise. You will also want to take a look at the warranty. Some municipalities and utility companies will offer tax rebates if you purchase a unit with a minimum EER rating.


Choosing a system with a higher efficiency is a great way to save energy and money over time. A well-maintained system installed by Home Rangers LLC can outweigh the initial cost in energy bill savings over time.

To ensure high efficiency over time, you will also want to make sure you buy an air conditioning unit that is the right size and cooling capacity for your home and family. If you buy a system that is too small, it will constantly run and waste energy. If you get a system that is too large, it will turn on and off more often and waste energy in the process of starting up. Be sure to talk to a knowledgeable technician from Home Rangers LLC to make sure you get the right size unit for your home.


Some brands are known for producing better quality systems than other companies. Be sure to do research by looking at reviews of air conditioning systems online before making your choice. Home Rangers LLC preferred brands include:

  • Trane
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • American Standard
  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
  • Lennox
  • Well-McLain
  • Goodman

A quality air conditioner that is installed by and receives proper maintenance from Home Rangers LLC will help ensure your system reaches its full lifespan potential.

Other Comfort Features

If you have a specific lifestyle or someone in your family has special needs, you will want to look at additional comfort features. Make sure that the model you choose is compatible with any specific features you want.

One example you may want to consider is a programmable air conditioning system can allow you to save time and energy. You will only have to program your system once, and then your system will continue to follow the instructions on a daily basis. If your home has extreme humidity levels, you may also want to consider a whole-house humidifier or a dehumidifier.