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Heat Pump Services in Warminster PA

Enjoy a cozy winter and get top-quality service for your heat pump with Home Rangers LLC.

At Home Rangers LLC we specialize in providing our Warminster PA customers with the latest and best solutions for their heating and cooling needs. A heat pump offers a creative solution for your home because it works for both heating and cooling. If your space is limited, you’re looking for a change in your HVAC system, or you simply want more control over the temperature in your home, then a heat pump may be a better option for you and your family. Whether you need maintenance or a new heat pump installed, Home Rangers LLC provides high-quality service, whenever you need it.

Looking to keep your traditional heating systems in good health? We also offer heater and furnace repair services too.

Key Benefits of a Well Maintained Heat Pump

Heat pumps work by pulling warm air from the outside into your home. Even in cold winter months, there’s still some warmth in the air. The process is reversed in the summer, as the hot air in your home is pumped outside. Because a heat pump transfers the heat already in the air, it comes with many benefits:

  • CHEAPER TO OPERATE - A well-maintained heat pump costs less to run than furnaces that rely on combustion to heat. Since they’re more energy efficient, you can see greater long term savings.
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY - A neglected heat pump can lose up to 25% compared to a well-maintained unit.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - With a high energy-to-heat conversion rate, giving a heat pump proper care will reduce your home’s carbon emissions.
  • LAST A LONG TIME - A properly maintained heat pump can last up to 50 years! However, the average life-span is around 15 years.

The Heat Pump Installation Process

When the temp drops to 40°outside, it may seem impossible to extract heat from the air. However, a heat pump uses thermodynamics to regulate the temperature inside your home. So, even when it feels cold outside, there’s still heat that can be pumped inside. At Home Rangers LLC we offer detailed installation services. It starts with an inspection of your home. Our technicians take the time to understand your heating and cooling needs, to help you choose the right heat pump for your home.

From there, we choose a system and begin the installation process. Like any heating related service, you want to be sure that the installation is done properly, or it can affect your indoor comfort and control. Heat pumps have an outdoor element that pulls air from around your home and an indoor element that circulates that air - both need to be installed according to manufacturer standards before operating in your home.

Once your heat pump is installed you’ll enjoy energy efficient heating that doubles as a cooling solution in the summer months. Want to improve your indoor air quality further? Be sure to ask our staff about our UV air sanitizers.

Professional Service You Can Depend On

If you have a heat pump that needs maintenance or you want to get one installed, Home Rangers LLC. provides prompt, dependable service. Our highly trained technicians will make sure your new heat pump complies with all safety codes, and we will keep it working at its peak when you join a biannual maintenance plan.

At Home Rangers LLC, we work hard to offer all our customers in the Warminster PA area quality products and service at an affordable price. We’ve earned an A+ rating with the BBB and have years of experience in the local area. Whether you need maintenance, installation or repair, you can always expect exceptional customer services. And your satisfaction is guaranteed!