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Ductless Mini Split System AC Installation Services in Warminster PA

Enjoy heating and cooling at your comfort with the versatility of a ductless mini-split AC system - installed by the pros at Home Rangers LLC

For many older homes, including ones that have undergone extensive updating and renovations, figuring out how to heat and cool your property can be a challenge. Whether your home doesn’t have a central HVAC system or it simply can’t accommodate any new additions, you may be scrambling for a solution. Luckily, ductless mini split AC systems exist, and Home Rangers LLC is here to help install them! These small and convenient systems offer the same comfort of an air conditioner with the versatility that stems from not requiring ductwork. It’s the modern solution for heating and cooling, and our experts can help get it installed in your home!

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

For many homeowners, your home has a central HVAC system that distributes air evenly through the use of ductwork. These ducts run the expanse of your home often inside of the attic or even underneath the floor. For older homes without ductwork, you either depend on an alternative source such as fans or window units, which do not offer the same filtration or convenience of a duct powered system.

Ductless mini split AC systems work by harnessing the power and filtration of a centralized AC system, with the convenience of a window mounted system, for a custom and comfortable alternative to your heating and cooling.

Want to do more for the indoor quality in your home? Be sure to ask about our AC filter replacement and indoor air quality services.

Why Choose a Ductless AC System?

A ductless mini split AC system installation can have plenty of benefits for any homeowner. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice, and for good reasons, including:

  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION: Unlike AC systems that require entire ductwork to be installed in order to work, ductless mini split systems can be mounted and operational within the same day.
  • IMPROVED ENERGY PERFORMANCE: Your HVAC system is one of the larger consumers of energy - and in many cases, it’s working to cool or heat rooms you may not even be in. Ductless mini split systems work in zones, allowing you to cool and heat particular areas, instead of your entire home, saving you energy in the process.
  • CLEANER AIR: Ductwork is known for gathering dust and other allergens that can pollute the air in your home. Ductless mini split systems have intricate filtration systems that are directly impacting the air you breathe.
  • ADDED CONTROL: Have someone in your home that’s always cold or hot? Now you can be happy, and so can they, with individual zones that can pre-programed independently for improved temperature control.

Whether your home has no ductwork, not enough for the entire home, or you’ve recently made an addition, a ductless mini-split AC system installation can go a long way to keeping your home comfortable. We offer expert installations along with repairs and maintenance to keep your new system in top shape.

Want to keep your existing air conditioner in good health? We can help with that too! Be sure to ask about our AC maintenance and repair services on your next service call.

Your Ductless Mini Split Installation Experts

At Home Rangers LLC we’re dedicated to the comfort of our customers. To that end, we offer expert ductless mini split AC system installation, repair, and maintenance services. We provide personalized solutions with flat rate pricing to ensure that your new system is well within your budget. We’re also available for 24/7 support, so when you need us, day or night - we’ll be there to help!