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Ready Warmer Weather

Before you know it, warmer weather will arrive in the Philadelphia area. Are you excited for the warmer weather? You may be dreaming of beach vacations, barbecues, family outings and more.

While it is exciting to dream about all the fun things you have planned for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons, it is important not to forget about other important tasks. One of these important tasks is making sure your air conditioner is ready to work once the weather gets hot. Home Rangers LLC in Bensalem, PA is here to help you do so with some information and tips.

Change The Filter

One of the first tasks you can complete on your own is changing the filter. Most filters will need to be changed more than just seasonally. Standard 1” filters will most likely need to be changed every month. However, other types of filters may last longer or need to be cleaned rather than replaced. Be sure to read the manual or talk to a technician from Home Rangers LLC to find out your HVAC system’s filter needs are.

Wipe Off the Vents

Other than filter cleanings or changes, another simple task you can complete is wiping off your vents and return air ducts. As air is taken in and blown out of the vents over the season, debris can get caught in the vents. If too much dust collects, it will block the airflow. By wiping off the vents and return air runs, you can help keep your home clean and comfortable.

Schedule Annual Maintenance from Home Rangers LLC

There are also tasks that need to be completed by a professional. A trained technician from Home Rangers LLC can spot minor issues that you are not. With your permission, we can also fix these issues before they turn into costly repairs.

Over time, scheduling maintenance one or two times per year will provide a variety of benefits. This includes keeping your HVAC system running efficiently, decreasing the total number of repairs you will need, and extending the life expectancy of your system.

What Is Involved With Annual Maintenance?

When you schedule maintenance from Home Rangers LLC your system to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. A Home Rangers LLC technician will also make any necessary adjustments that will provide you with improved efficiency. If we notice any issues that need to be repaired, we will also fix them with your permission.

Home Rangers LLC’s goal is to provide your family with comfort. If you have noticed any issues with your HVAC system or home comfort, bring them up during your maintenance visit. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your home.

What If My HVAC System Is New?

Even if your HVAC system is new, it can benefit from annual maintenance. Scheduling preventive maintenance will help keep your system clean and functioning properly. This will help reduce the amount of wear and tear over time so that your HVAC system will last longer. It will also help keep it running efficiently so your utility bills stay lower. The better you take care of your system early on, the better it will run later on.

Schedule Annual Maintenance with Home Rangers LLC Now! Don’t Wait!

So when should you schedule preventative maintenance? It is a good idea to schedule it early. Once Spring comes to the Philadelphia area, Home Rangers LLC get busy with other maintenance appointments and repairs. If you want to get a specific time, it is best to contact us before Spring starts. You can contact us through the contact page on our website or by calling 215-454-0001