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Benefits HVAC Home Automation

If you are looking to upgrade your home with some of the latest HVAC technology, Home Rangers LLC in Bensalem, Pennsylvania is here to help you achieve those goals. We ensure our technicians stay up to date with the latest solutions. This way they can help you choose the best systems for your home.

One choice that is becoming more popular is home automation. With technology such as digital setback thermostats, remote monitoring, and home zoning, you can control your HVAC system with more convenient than ever. Home automation can provide you, your home, and your family with a variety of benefits.


With a digital setback thermostat or programmable thermostat installed by Home Rangers LLC, you can make controlling the temperature and humidity in your home easier. All you have to do is program a routine once and the thermostat will continue to follow the routine on a daily or weekly basis. You will barely have to touch your system ever again.


With a programmable thermostat installed by Home Rangers LLC, you can have your system turn back around the time your family leaves for work and school. Then you can have it return to your desired temperature right before the time you usually get home. You won’t have to worry about doing this yourself every day.

You can also get a system with remote monitoring so you can make any changes from anywhere via internet or smart device app. Not only that, but you can add it to a home zoning system and control different sections of your home individually.


Many smart thermostats also have the ability to monitor the use and health of your HVAC system. If you make an online account, they can provide you with statistics about your HVAC usage, health, and more.

With your current system, you may simply perform regular maintenance and make sure it is still running. However, with some HVAC monitoring systems, you can catch small issues early on. This way you can get them fixed before they turn into major problems. You can also learn how to keep your system running efficiently. Overall, a monitoring system will provide you with more awareness about your HVAC system.

Efficiency and HVAC Lifespan

Home automation allows you to save energy when you are not around to enjoy the conditioned air. This means your system will run more efficiently and you won’t have to waste energy. When your system doesn’t have to work as hard, it also won’t experience as much wear and tear. Therefore, you can lessen the number of repairs you may need down the road. This will also lead to your system lasting longer so that you can get more out of your investment.


If you currently turn your system back when you leave your home, you likely return to a home that isn’t the most comfortable. You have to wait for your HVAC system to reheat or cool your home to your preferences. When you have an automated system installed by Home Rangers LLC, you can return to an environment that is already to your preferences.

The computerized controls can also help you maintain a more even temperature throughout your home, especially when paired with a home zoning system.


When you are saving energy and needing fewer repairs, your investment in home automation will help you save you significantly over time. Your system can end up paying for itself and more. Then you can put the money you save toward any necessary future repairs or upgrading your system more. Talk to a Home Rangers LLC to learn more.

Increased Home Value

Home automation is also a popular selling point for potential home buyers. If you plan on selling your home in a few years, having Home Rangers LLC install a home automation system for you is definitely something to consider.